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Where Safety Meets Serenity

Welcome to K4's Manned & Static Guarding Service, where safety meets vigilance. Our Manned Guarding Service is the cornerstone of our commitment to providing top-tier security solutions. At the core of our security solutions, you’ll find our SIA-licensed guards safeguarding your premises around the clock. They perform a wide range of tasks, including regular patrols, access control, incident reporting, and emergency response with the help of cutting-edge technologies. With a keen focus on prevention and rapid response, they ensure that your property remains secure, deterring unauthorised access and proactively addressing potential threats.

We understand that every location is unique, which is why our Manned & Static Guarding Service is meticulously tailored to meet your specific security needs. Whether it’s in the corporate, industrial, retail, or residential sector, our guards exemplify the first line of defence in protecting what matters most to you.

Sectors We Serve

Corporate Establishments
Within corporate environments, our vigilant guards provide access control, conduct regular patrols, and safeguard sensitive areas.
Industrial Facilities
In industrial locations, our guards monitor high-risk zones, regulate entry points, and enforce safety protocols.
Residential Communities
Within residential complexes, our guards serve as a reassuring presence, maintaining secure perimeters and responding to incidents.
Retail Spaces
In retail environments, our guards deter theft, manage access, and ensure a safe shopping experience for customers.
Construction Sites
On construction sites, our guards safeguard valuable equipment and materials,  ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


The process begins when a client contacts us, expressing their need for static guarding service.

Client Consultation and Risk Assessment

Consultation Meeting: A meeting is scheduled between the client and a representative from our company. During this meeting, the client outlines their specific security requirements, concerns, and any industry-specific nuances that need to be considered.


Site Visit and Risk Analysis: One of our experienced security managers conducts a site visit to assess the location and carry out a comprehensive documented risk assessment. This allows us to understand the layout, potential vulnerabilities, and any site-specific challenges that may impact security arrangements.


Proposal Development

Customised Security Plan: Customised Security Plan: Based on the information gathered during the consultation and site visit, K4 experts develop a customised security plan. This plan outlines the number of security personnel needed, their qualifications, shifts, and any specialised training requirements essential for the optimal implementation of static guarding service.


Cost Estimation: A detailed cost estimate will be provided, including any additional equipment or technology that may be required for effective security.


Assignment of Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager: A dedicated manager is assigned to oversee the security operations at the given location. The manager will be responsible for coordinating all security efforts and acting as the primary point of contact between the client and the company.


Service Protocol Planning: A detailed service protocol is developed based on the risk assessment. This document will contain assignment instructions, emergency response procedures, and standard operating guidelines for on-site security personnel.


On-site Security Operations

Dedicated Site Supervisor: A K4 supervisor will ensure that the security team strictly adheres to the service protocols outlined in the security plan. This includes duties such as staff breaks, access control, NFC tags scanning, perimeter checks, incident reporting, and emergency response procedures.


Deployment of Security Personnel: SIA-qualified security personnel are deployed to the site according to the agreed-upon schedule and shifts.

  • Managing Access Control (Site Access)
  • Carry out GPS Integrated Foot Patrols by scanning with NFC tags.
  • Greeting visitors and providing customer service.
  • Manning Security Checkpoints.
  • Document all activities, incidents and observations
  • Reporting and Responding to Incidents.
  • Checking Identity and Safety Procedures at Entry Points.
  • Reception duties including sorting posts and parcels.
  • Responding to and Dealing with Emergencies.
  • Providing First-Aid when required.
  • Supervising Entry and Exit Points.
  • Liaising with Emergency Services in case of Incident.


Real-time Reporting and Incident Response

Real-time Reporting: K4 team is equipped with specialized incident reporting technology. This allows them to document and report any incidents, irregularities, or observations in real time.


Swift Response: In the event of an incident, our team follows established protocols for immediate response. This may involve contacting emergency services, alerting on-site security, or coordinating with relevant parties.


Incident Reporting: All K4 security personnel use advanced reporting technology to provide real-time updates and incident reports to both the site manager and control room. This enables the control room to offer total transparency and live updates about the site to the client.


Daily Site Reports and Site Visits

Shift Reports: Detailed, accurate and timestamped shift reports, which include real-time updates, any incidents, disturbances or unusual occurrences are sent on a daily basis to the key person authorised by the client. These digital reports ensure transparency, and accountability, and allow clients’ feedback, suggestions, and any necessary adjustments to the security plan.


Regular Compliance Check: Our dedicated compliance team conducts regular unannounced site visits to ensure that the security personnel meet the client’s expectations and adhere to service protocols.



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    SIA Certified Uniformed Security Personnel

    Our K4 branded uniformed security officers undergo rigorous training and possess the necessary qualifications and licences to perform their duties excellently. We carefully select and vet our guards to ensure they have the right skills, experience, and integrity to provide you with high-calibre security operatives.

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    Radio and Surveillance Technology Trained Personnel

    K4 uses advanced geo-fencing technology to track the officer’s precise location by setting virtual boundaries around specific areas, which notifies the control room when a staff member enters or exits a designated location, helping to manage the punctuality and attendance of the security operatives effectively.

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    Real-time Staff Location Tracking

    K4 uses advanced geo-fencing technology to track the officer’s precise location by setting virtual boundaries around specific areas, which notifies the control room when a staff member enters or exits a designated location, helping to manage the punctuality and attendance of the security operatives effectively.

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    Proactive Response to Delays

    If a staff member is running late, our software automatically sends alerts to the control room, enabling swift action to mitigate any potential impact on security operations.

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    Continuous Training and Certification Programs

    K4 has an in-house training department, which allows us to conduct regular training programs for our security personnel, covering a wide range of essential skills from emergency response to crowd management and conflict resolution.

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    GPS-Enabled Foot Patrols

    K4 security personnel utilise GPS-enabled devices to conduct thorough foot patrols and monitor designated areas using NFC technology. This ensures real-time monitoring of our personnel's movements, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage.

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    Specialized Incident Reporting System

    Our security personnel use specialised incident reporting software to document and report any incidents, irregularities, or observations during their shifts, facilitating swift responses. Real-time reporting capabilities ensure timely incident resolution and maintain comprehensive records for future reference.

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    Seamless Communication Systems

    Effective communication is integral to any security operation. K4 team utilises two-way radios, mobile devices, and digital communication platforms for seamless contact, both internally and with our central command. Which enables instant responses, crucial for emergencies or incidents.


If you’re looking for motivated, reliable and customer-oriented security guards, choose K4 Security Services today. Simply call us today on the free number listed above or complete our online form for a quick, no-obligation quote.

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