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Experience the journey towards a fulfilling security career in the UK with K4 Security Services. If you want to equip yourself with vital life-saving skills, our FIRST AID AT WORK course is tailored just for you. Let’s explore why K4 Security Services is your best choice:



Estimated time to get licensed Cost
3 days £100


SIA Door Supervisor Licence


Open to individuals interested in acquiring comprehensive first aid skills.

Basic proficiency in English (both written and verbal).


  • Step 1 Visit our website and go to the "Courses" section.
  • Step 2 Select "FIRST AID AT WORK (3 DAYS)" and click "Apply Now."
  • Step 3 Fill out the application form and provide the necessary documentation.
  • Step 4 Await confirmation of your enrollment from our dedicated team.


To obtain a First Aid at Work Certificate, here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1 Verify eligibility requirements for the certificate.
  • Step 2 Enrol in an accredited First Aid at Work Certificate training program.
  • Step 3 Participate actively in all required training modules.
  • Step 4 Complete practical exercises and assessments.
  • Step 5 Pass any designated examinations or assessments for the Certificate.
  • Step 6 Ensure compliance with any health or physical requirements set by the training provider.
  • Step 7 Complete the application and submit the necessary documentation.
  • Step 8 Pay any associated fees for the certificate.
  • Step 9 Await notification of your First Aid at Work Certificate status.
  • Step 10 Upon approval, receive your First Aid at Work Certificate.

Course Benefits

What topics are covered on a First Aid at Work course?

This 3-day course includes everything from the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course and more. We make sure that participants can understand and use a variety of skills when assisting adults in the workplace.

  • Unit 1 is unresponsive and breathing
  • Unit 2 is unresponsive and not breathing, including how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Unit 3 is choking
  • Unit 4 is bleeding
  • Unit 5 is suffering from shock
  • Unit 6 has burns
  • Unit 7 feels faint
  • Unit 8 has been poisoned
  • Unit 9 has a head injury
  • Unit 10 has hypothermia or heat exhaustion
  • Unit 11 has an injury to a bone, muscle, or joint (including spinal injuries).

The course also includes information on:

  • Unit 1 assessing a casualty
  • Unit 2 monitoring a casualty
  • Unit 3 where to get help
  • Unit 4 electrical incidents
  • Unit 5 accident recording and reporting
  • Unit 6 the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).

Learners will also be able to help a casualty who is having a:

  • Unit 1 seizure
  • Unit 2 heart attack, including the administration of aspirin
  • Unit 3 angina attack
  • Unit 4 stroke
  • Unit 5 asthma attack
  • Unit 6 severe allergic reaction
  • Unit 7 diabetic emergency

Course Assessment

Assessment will include a combination of written exams and practical demonstrations to ensure proficiency in first aid techniques.

Book Your Course

    Ready to Take the Next Step?

    Enrol in our First Aid at Work (3 Days) course to enhance your proficiency in emergency response and life-saving skills. Secure your place in our upcoming training session and step confidently into the crucial field of first aid with K4 Safety Solutions.

    The First Aid at Work (3 Days) course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in first aid. While the course equips participants with valuable life-saving techniques, it does not substitute for professional medical advice. Individuals are strongly urged to consult with qualified healthcare professionals for specific medical concerns or guidance.


    Course Name Price Book Now
    DS TOP-UP Course £150.00 Incl. vat Book Now
    SIA DOOR SUPERVISOR COURSE £250.00 Incl. vat Book Now
    1 Day – Emergency First Aid £100.00 Incl. vat Book Now
    3 Days – CCTV Operator Training £200.00 Incl. vat Book Now


    The First Aid at Work course spans three days, including assessment.

    We recommend comfortable clothing suitable for practical exercises.

    Yes, you will receive a recognized certification in First Aid at Work.

    Yes, certifications typically need to be renewed every three years.

    As long as you can actively participate in the course, pre-existing conditions do not necessarily disqualify you.

    Please contact our admissions team as soon as possible to discuss your options.

    Upon completing the course, learners will be awarded a First Aid at Work certificate from the K4 Security Services. This qualification remains valid for three years.


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