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24/7 Vigilance, Anywhere You Need!

At K4 Security, we recognize the dynamic nature of security needs. K4 Mobile Security Patrols and Lock Up & Unlock Service are designed to provide comprehensive security coverage for a variety of sectors, ensuring that your premises remain protected around the clock. Whether you’re in the corporate, industrial, retail, or residential sector, K4 dedicated teams are equipped to conduct routine patrols and secure your premises at the end of each day.

K4 Mobile Security Patrols and Lock Up & Unlock Service are designed to be a dynamic force, adapting to your specific security needs. With K4 teams in motion, you can trust that your premises are in capable hands, receiving vigilant protection at all times.

Sectors We Serve

Corporate and Business Parks
We offer regular patrols to safeguard office complexes, ensuring that all areas are secure and free from unauthorized access.
Industrial Sites
Our mobile patrols provide a strong security presence at factories and warehouses, deterring potential threats and safeguarding valuable assets.
Retail Establishments
We offer lock-up and unlock services for retail spaces, ensuring that your store is ready for business each morning and securely closed at the end of the day.
Residential Communities
Our mobile patrols provide a reassuring presence in residential areas, offering peace of mind to residents and deterring potential intruders.
Construction Sites
On construction sites, our guards play a crucial role in safeguarding valuable equipment and materials, as well as ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


The process begins when a client contacts us, expressing their need for static guarding services.

Initial Client Consultation

Understanding Client Needs: We begin by engaging in a thorough consultation with the client to understand their specific security requirements, including the frequency of patrols and the areas to be covered.


Site Visit and Risk Assessment: One of K4 experienced security managers conducts a site visit to assess the location and carry out a comprehensive documented risk assessment to identify vulnerable points, potential threats, and any specific instructions from the client.


Customized Security Plan Development

Installing NFC integrated Checkpoints & Patrol Route Planning: Based on the risk assessment, we will install the NFC technology integrated scanning points developing a customized patrol route that ensures K4 officer patrols the designated area.


Patrol Frequency: We determine the optimal frequency of patrols based on the client’s needs and the nature of the premises.

Cost Estimation: A detailed cost estimate will be provided, including any additional equipment or technology that may be required for effective mobile security patrol.


Assignment of Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager: A dedicated manager is assigned to oversee the mobile security patrol operation at the given location. The manager will be responsible for coordinating all security efforts and acting as the primary point of contact between the client and the company.

Service Protocol Planning: A detailed service protocol is developed based on the risk assessment. This document will contain assignment instructions, emergency response procedures, and standard operating guidelines for the SIA-Accredited Mobile Security Patrol operative.


Scheduling and Deployment

Assignment Instructions: Each patrol team receives specific instructions detailing the route, checkpoints, and any additional tasks, such as lock-up or unlock services.


SIA Licensed Patrol Officers: K4 patrol officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and have received specialized training in mobile security operations.


Mobile Patrol Execution

Patrol and Inspection: Conducting thorough inspections of your premises, both internally and externally, to identify and respond to any security concerns.


Scanning NFC integrated Checkpoints: K4 patrol officers follow the designated route, conducting thorough checks at predefined checkpoints. This may include inspecting doors, windows, gates, and other access points.


Incident Response: In the event of any suspicious activity or security breach,  K4 patrol officers are trained to respond swiftly and according to established protocols.


Alarm Response: Rapidly responding to alarm activations, conducting thorough checks, and taking appropriate action as needed.


Emergency Response: Reacting promptly to security incidents, liaising with law enforcement if necessary, and providing assistance until help arrives.


Lock Up & Unlock Services

Secure Entry and Exit: If required, K4 patrol officers perform lock-up or unlock services, ensuring that premises are secured at the end of the day or accessible at the beginning of the day.

Comprehensive Checks: During lock-up or unlock services, officers conduct a detailed inspection to verify that all access points are properly secured or opened.


Real-time Reporting and Documentation

Digital Reporting: K4 patrol officers use advanced reporting technology to provide real-time updates and incident reports every time they carry out the patrol. This information is crucial for clients to stay informed about the security status of their premises.


Incident Logs: All incidents, observations, and actions taken during patrols are meticulously documented, creating a comprehensive record for future reference.


Regular Mobile Security Patrol Reports

Detailed, accurate and timestamped mobile security patrol reports, which include real-time updates, any incidents, disturbances or unusual occurrences are sent on the regular basis to the key person authorised by the client. These digital reports ensure transparency, accountability, and allow client’s feedback, suggestions, and any necessary adjustments to the mobile security patrol plan.


What Makes K4 Mobile Security Patrol and Lock up & Unlock Service Stand Out

  • icon_reason_1
    Branded K4 Mobile Security Patrol Vehicles

    All our distinctive K4 Mobile Security Patrol Vehicles equipped with latest technology. These vehicles provide a visible presence that deters potential threats. Whether the officers are patrolling your property, responding to incidents, or performing lock-up and unlock services, our Mobile Security Patrol Vehicles represent a promise of vigilance and rapid response.

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    24/7 control room

    Our K4 branded uniformed mobile security patrol officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority, ensuring that they have the necessary training and qualifications to execute mobile security operations with precision and professionalism.

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    SIA Certified & Uniformed Mobile Security Patrol Officers

    Our K4 branded uniformed mobile security patrol officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority, ensuring that they have the necessary training and qualifications to execute mobile security operations with precision and professionalism.

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    Powerful National Footprint

    K4’s powerful national footprint extends across the country, ensuring that wherever you are, exceptional security solutions are within reach. With a widespread network of skilled security professionals and a proven track record of safeguarding diverse industries, we stand ready to protect your every location.

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    Ongoing Training and Development

    Our patrol officers participate in regular in-house training programs to ensure they are equipped with the latest techniques and technologies in mobile security operations.

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    GPS-Enabled Foot Patrols

    K4’s mobile security personnel utilise GPS-enabled devices to conduct thorough foot patrols and monitor designated areas using NFC technology.
    This ensures real-time monitoring of our personnel's movements, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage.

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    Client Feedback Loop

    K4 establish and maintain transparent communication channels with our clients, actively seeking their feedback, suggestions, and any potential refinements to our service plan. At the heart of our approach is the unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients' utmost satisfaction.

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    Specialized Incident Reporting System

    K4’s mobile security patrol personnel use specialised incident reporting software to document and report any incidents, irregularities, or observations during their patrols, facilitating swift responses.


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